How do I add a DNS-record?

To create a DNS-record (like Redirect, Cname or MX-record) you log in to your account, press My domains, Manage and then DNS/ Redirect. Under the existing DNS-record you find a dropdown menu with an A. Click on it, select the record you want to add, enter the values and confirm. Please note that you can only insert DNS-records here as long as the domain uses Name ISPs name servers.

Will my DNS-records disappear if I restore an expired domain?

When you restore an expired domain, all DNS-records that you have previously entered will remain in place.

How do I enable DNSSEC for my domain?

To activate DNSSEC, go to My Domains, click on the domain name and then on DNSSEC. Press the Activate DNSSEC-button. The status of DNSSEC will change to Your zone is currently being signed with DNSSEC and it takes up to 48 hours. Once this time has passed, go back to DNSSEC and click Publish to complete the process.

What is Premium DNS?

Premium DNS is an additional service where we guarantee 100% DNS availability. You can easily order this by logging in to your account, click on Add order and then on DNS services.

When we have set up the service for you, we complete the order. After this has been done it is entirely up to you when you are ready to do the required change of name servers. When the order has been completed we will provide you with the name servers you are going to change to. We also recommend that you unsign DNSSEC one week before you change them. Please note that this is not a requirement, only a recommendation.

How do I upgrade to Premium DNS?

If you want to upgrade from our Standard DNS to Premium DNS, follow the instructions in the question "What is Premium DNS?". If you already have our Standard DNS, you do not need to unsign DNSSEC before you change the name servers. When we set up the service, some changes in the zone file could be made.

How do I create GLUE records for my domain?

To create GLUE records, log in to your account, press My Domains and then Manage. Enter the GlueRecords you want in Change name server followed by IPv4-number in the field next to it. (format: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where x is replaced by number). Press Save all and go to the cart in the top right corner. Follow the instructions to create the order. Please note that changes to GLUE records can take up to 48 hours.

Is it possible to use your nameservers even if you are not the registrar for the domain?

Yes, that is possible. We have two options, either our Premium DNS or Standard DNS. Instructions on how to order any of the mentioned and the current fee can be obtained by contacting our support.

How do I change the nameservers while DNSSEC is active?

To change name servers, log in to your account and click My Domains. The next step is to select the domains you want to change, and then select Change Name Server. Enter the desired name servers and press Save All. Then you go to the cart in the top right corner and follow the instructions to create an order. Note that name server changes may take up to 48 hours.