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I can not create a new account and it says that I should contact the support? 

If you are unable to create a new account, please refer to this list for most common issues. 

I need an email address connected to my domain, how do I proceed? 

We don't offer any standalone email services. However if your domain is using our name servers you can set up email aliases that catch emails and forward them to a real email address. We have a great Youtube video which shows how to set up an alias that forwards emails to an inbox, in this case Gmail. You can find the instruction video here. You can also sign up for other email services with a provider of your choice and set up the domain to the correct email servers. 

How do I create a user account? 

In order to create a new account go to our website and select "Create Account". Enter your email address and hit "Send", Within a few minutes you will receive an email containing a link through which you will be able to set up your new account. Please make sure to doublecheck the spam folder if you are unable to find the email in your inbox.