Do you accept power of attorney? 

No, we do not. You can read more about it in our general terms here

How do I remove the information about me? 

If your user account is not in use for a longer period of time, it will be removed automatically. If you still wish to get it removed, please log in to your account and create a support ticket. To create one, go to the "Support"-tab, then click "Create Ticket".  

What is my data used for? 

It is used to be able to deliver the requested services in accordance with existing laws and rules. 

What information do you gather about me? 

Name, address, email, phone number, personal-ID/ organization number and IP-address. 

How long does it take before I get a reply from the support? 

Our goal is to reply as soon as possible. Depending on the amount of cases, response time may vary. If you contact us by email/Support Ticket we usually reply within a few hours in the case you contact us on a weekday. It may however in some cases take up to 48 hours before you get a reply. We have limited possibilities to reply to cases during weekends. Please note that if you send us another reply with a new message before getting a reply, your case may get delayed internally. 

Do you have an operating status page? 

Name ISP has a page where downtime and other issues related to our services are reported. You can find it here. Feel free to save the page in your bookmarks.